A Little Help for Our Friends


PGAV Architects is thrilled to help out our friends in the Destinations practice with a year-long, $3.2m renovation of their studio in Downtown St. Louis. The project has nearly doubled the space, creating a dynamic two-floor environment that features fun and thematic collaborative areas, all with fantastic views of the St. Louis region.

The PGAV team began by surveying all current staff to gather input about what they’d like to see in the renovated space. A small, internal task force was comprised of designers, architects, IT professionals, and HR representatives of varying ages and outlooks and provided diverse thinking for the redesign.

Generally separated into guest spaces and the studio, the new conference rooms were named after elements of the firm’s various hallmark projects – like Space Shuttle and The Veldt – prompting storytelling opportunities and hearty spurts of creativity, explained Howard. Frosted glass and wall art throughout the office illustrate zoo habitats and famed roller coasters, while local artist Phil Jarvis was commissioned to hand-paint key PGAV slogans and designs throughout the new spaces. Bryan Haynes’ beautiful lobby murals maintain their place in the lobby.


Essential to the 2018 renovation is a long-term vision for growth, which a large, open, ready-for-move-in space supports. Throughout the themed and refreshed meeting spaces – each with its own unique design, intentionally like PGAV’s attraction work – a story evolves of PGAV’s heritage, a celebration of its practice today, and where it’s headed in the future.

For an inside-look into PGAV’s renovation process, watch their Facebook Live series to explore these new spaces in-depth.